The GameCube Was Cool

Phantasy Star Online & Skies of Arcadia

February 17, 2022

The only real online game for the GameCube, the Phantasy Star Online series came over from Sega's failed Dreamcast console to become a mainstay in the cube's library for the past 20 years. Mike & Neil interview guests and PSO enthusiasts Luigi (of Chat of the Wild and Need For Speedrunning podcasts) and Kayak (who runs the GC side of development for the private pso server Schtserv). The boys learn a lot about this game that refuses to die who's community of honestly just really nice people have helped Phantasy Star Online Episode 1, 2 and even C.A.R.D. stay relevant today. Also on this episode are two more Sega creations: Skies of Arcadia Legends, an updated RPG port from the Dreamcast, and Amazing Island, a wacky mix of custom Pokemon type monsters with Mario Party gameplay. Breakout your GameCube keyboard controller and join Mike and Neil on this Sega-filled episode.

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